We Saved Kevin

We spent the morning at Atlantic Beach digging in the sand yesterday. It was super cold so we didn't plan to stay long. Mike climbed up on the lifeguard stand and Mas and I joined him. It was sooo nice and cozy out of the wind. We saw a pod of dolphins and a big ole seagull wandered up. He had a broken wing that was dragging behind him. Mike hopped down and the seagull followed him all around. Since he was getting so close we decided we should try to help. We called OWLS, a wildlife rescue in Newport, and they told us to try and trap him and bring him in. Mike was able to lure him over close enough to wrap him in a blanket. It was a very adrenaline filled ride to the shelter as you can see! Glad we were able to help this guy out!

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!


12 Moments of 2012

Our 2012 was full of great adventures! 
Here are a few highlights:

A visit to our friend's farm in Marshallberg to see the baby cows.  Such a fun new experience!

We had the honor of becoming God Parents to our nephew Dalton this year!  He is such a little sweetie!

 We went on the most boat rides this year!  It was so fun to meet up with friends, ride on the boat with new friends and I really looked forward to getting out of school to take the boat out for a little cruise!  It sure is nice to live on the water.

 The Music Festival was so much fun!  Met up with friends and watched the kids dance their hearts out! 
 Mason became a little fish this summer.  He was great at swimming on his own with water wings and a pool noodle!  We really enjoyed visiting our friend Eli's pool and the little pool this summer!

 Always Daddy's little helper!  So fun to watch Mason imitate Mike and I and work on projects.

Drinking one of my Father-In-Law's classic Margaritas during our 2012 beach week in Salvo - such a treat!

 Finally got to go visit Meg & Jim!!  Such a good time.  I love how we haven't seen each other in three + years and we now have Mason but when we went to visit we picked up right where we left off! 

Working hard and it shows!  School went so well.  Went back full time in the Fall.  After exams I really felt like I could see where I came from and how much I've learned!

 Halloween!!  Mason was Megatron and loved his costume!  He had a  blast running up to the houses on Ann Street to get candy.  I think the candy epidemic started around this time.  He was never really interested in candy before this day...

 We got to ride in the Beaufort Christmas Parade in early December!  Mason and I rode in the cart as Mike pedaled on the trike.  We had a blast throwing out candy to the kids!  (We look so tough!)

 Maddie and Mason - the cutest cousins!  We are so lucky to now have Mike's sister and her family living so close.  They moved to Hampstead in October and we have had such a blast visiting them in their new home!

~ Here's to a wonderful New Year ~


 You thought I cut all my hair off...BAHAHAHAHA!!

 Oh Noooo! Sprinkles locked himself out.  You don't know how many times this happened....

 Funny car drawings  - we're always up to something!

 The ever beautiful sunset pics at the end of our road - never gets old!

 Big bird's nest hair!

 Mmmmiiiisssstttteeeerrrr Ttthhhiiiirrrrssstttttyyyyy!!!!  We still talk about him daily.

 We are made for each other.

 Etsy...oh Etsy...you kept me busy.

 Cletus and Sally Jo

Oh this?  Just some lotion to keep the tiger away.

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!
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