Being Healthy From the Inside Out

Submitted a new scholarship essay today...as I sit here and eat my pizza and donut...enjoy!

I believe that an individual can change his or her lifestyle to promote a healthy heart and holistic well being simply by believing that they have the power to make the change.  Sometimes the sayings, mind over matter, or fake it until you feel it, really are the best advice. 

First, I think an individual needs to believe that they are in control of their lifestyle every single day.  It is important to realize that to live a long and happy life is to overcome laziness and to fuel the body with good nutrients and also to work the body for what it is made for.  I have always been taught the importance of living an active lifestyle.  Now that I am older with a family of my own it comes naturally.  I do not participate in recreational sports.  I am much more into individual sports and active things I can do with my husband, son and friends.  I love walking, getting outside to play games, cruising on my bike and practicing yoga.  I think that many people feel that having an exercise routine or a grand plan for weight loss is so intimidating.  I think you really have to work toward having a healthy day to day mentality.  I always take the stairs; I always give a little extra energy when doing day to day things even if it is pushing a grocery cart.  By doing that I am pushing myself just a little more and by pushing my self to do small things it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and a bit more energy. 

The second step to changing and promoting a healthy heart lifestyle is to get active, discipline yourself and stick with it!  Exercise is great for the heart and mind and yoga has been a great all over workout for me.  I do not treat it as a sport and I do not try to do it better than anyone else.  I just do it at my own pace and to me it feels good physically and mentally.  I feel more centered.  When working on balancing poses or a complicated new pose at first I am quite shaky and my body has to work harder.  But the more I think positive and believe I find that the next couple times I try the pose I am better at it or can hold it longer or stretch more deeply.  And that is such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Making a change to a healthy diet is the third step to living a life with a healthy heart and mind for an individual. I believe that what you put in your body is what you get out.  Meaning that if you eat a healthy balanced diet your body will reflect that.  Your skin and hair will look healthy on the outside and you will have the proper fuel to keep your energy up and keep everything healthy on the inside.  I am in school for cosmetology.  As I work on clients I can tell before they tell me what medications they take or what illness they have overcome as well as their overall health based on their skin and the quality of their hair.  I also believe that if you do have to take medications that you should take them at a minimum if possible and to find out a more natural supplement.  I really believe in a more natural, less invasive way of healing and that carries through to all parts of my life especially when it comes to doing hair and caring for the body.  While products with lots of chemicals can do the trick I believe that you have to work harder to find a natural solution when possible.

I think once an individual starts making these changes in themselves that it will radiate out to their peers and to people around them.  I know that when making changes for the better it is hard to get over that edge and start working toward a goal.  But making a goal is the best way to start.  I do not believe in goals like getting skinnier to fit in some clothing item or looking like models in magazines.  I always believe that the goal should be getting healthier and the result to feel better!  Cut out the bad stuff that is dragging you down and gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle. You may believe at first that it cannot be done but once you start, and it can be a tiny goal at first, you will feel so accomplished and proud!  I know giving up soda for me in my teenage years was really difficult but now I do not even miss it.  And when you think about it, it is not nutritious; it is just a quick fix.  You have to be hard on yourself and develop a sort of discipline until it becomes second nature. 

At home we have a garden and grow some of our own food and as a family we love spending time watering the garden, inspecting new plants and collecting the vegetables that we grow.  We also get to spend time with each other that way and that is the best medicine for a healthy heart.   

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!
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