This Girl I Know Won a Scholarship Yesterday!!!!!

Me, me - the girl is me!!!  I got the call yesterday with the news that my scholarship essay had been reviewed by a panel and they chose me as the winner!!!  I don't think I've ever won anything in my life and this is just freaking awesome!!  Definitely feeling blessed in my little corner of the world! 

Below is the essay I submitted.
I am working toward obtaining a diploma from Carteret Community College in Cosmetic Arts.  I began the program as a part-time student last fall.  I have a previous Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  A lot has changed since my earlier college days, I am now a mother and a wife working and going to school.  I am planning to enroll in the Fall 2012 semester as a full time student so that I can graduate and start working in a salon. 

I am very passionate about the profession that I have chosen to go back to school for and I work very hard to make each day a success.  I get discouraged at some points but I have learned to make the most of mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities.  I truly believe that I have a flair for hair and I want to make that my focus in a salon setting.  My goal in school is to learn the most that I can and apply it in a work setting.  I want to soak up everything that I learn from my teachers, our course materials and my fellow classmates.  I think working in a salon takes a lot of training and knowledge and I am in school to learn as much of that as I can.  I definitely strive for the best and always work to produce high quality results.  I also want to focus on learning the best and proper way to work safely with and around my clients since there are so many factors to consider when working with different types of chemicals and materials. 

After completing school I plan to work in a local salon for a few years building clientele until I can open my own salon.  I want to work for myself and my clients and have a salon geared toward healthy hair management and creating styles for people that make them feel and look good and that are easy to maintain.

Going back to school has definitely created a hardship for my family.  My husband, son and I live in Beaufort and have a mortgage and bills to pay.  We pay for full time child care and work very hard to live frugally out of choice and also work to keep bills and extra expenses low.  We have a garden and grow some of our own food and as a family we love spending time watering the garden, inspecting new plants and collecting the vegetables that we grow.  My husband works full time and I am between two jobs myself but we always make time for each other. 

My Vision in becoming a cosmetologist is to focus on organizing my goals as I work to get through school.  Every day is different for me as my schedule changes at school, work and home.  I try to keep everything very organized so that my day runs smoothly.  But things happen and I like to stay open so that I can take on changes and be flexible.  Staying on top of my goals and working hard to stay focused is a challenge and a reward for me.

My Value in becoming a cosmetologist is on my work ethic.  I work really hard everyday in every situation so that when I think back to the situation I know that I was sincere and genuine and stayed true to myself.  I know if I work on clients and put their safety and satisfaction first then I will be doing my job well.  Even if I’ve had a tough day or don’t feel like doing something I still work through that to get the job done. 

My Victory in becoming a cosmetologist is all the small successes I have each day.  If I can try something new and learn something from it I think that is a huge victory.  I love challenging myself and will always work to push my creative levels in whatever I do.  I think listening to myself and my heart and following what it tells me leads me to overcome almost anything.  Each small step leads to the overall goal and as I overcome new things I feel a sense of accomplishment and victory.  I think this is true in school, work and home.

I am hoping to minimize the expense of school so that when I get out I won’t have huge bills to pay off and the stress of debt as I get started in my new career.  I am so proud of myself for going back to school, as this has been a goal of mine since high school.  It has been hard but well worth it!  Thank you for your time and consideration.

 How cool is that?! 


Today is also Mason's 3rd birthday.  Shew!  I blew up about 20 balloons last night and left them all over the living room floor.  This morning he ran out and screamed Santa Claus was here!  He brought balloons!  Cute or what?! 

This morning when we went by the store to get cupcakes for his party at school I went to a self check out and there was a dollar and a bunch of change sitting on the register...WIN!  There is something out there making my life amazing.  We bought a bunch of toys from the quarter machine on our way out.  Last night I was talking to Mason, telling him he was my angel and he got an angel necklace out of the machine this morning.  It really touched my heart. 

I also got an email last night asking if I would like to be a part of a craft competition for a bunch of bloggers from his-and-hers.blogspot.com.  This blog gets like 10,000 hits a day!! My Etsy shop would be featured and all I have to do is donate one of my upcycled scarf as a prize to be given to one of the winners. 

Wow-wee!  Just thought I'd share all the good news. 

Hope you have a good weekend!  Keep a look out for birthday pictures coming soon!!

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!

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