How Does Your Garden Grow

It feels so good to have the flower beds weeded, new plants in and mulch down. I love having the yard done and ready for summer. Mulch is such a lifesaver and will really help keep the weeds down this year. We haven't refreshed it in 3 years! Heh heh... We laid newspaper down before putting the mulch down to act as another barrier against the weeds! Like I said can't wait to enjoy the warm weather now that this little project is complete!  A huge thank you to Mike for his hand in making all this happen!  You're the best!

Homey Home Home!

Refreshed our front porch furniture. Added some yellow decor to offset the blue door!


Love this red Japanese Maple!

My fav Rose bush.

Hydrangeas, Crepe Myrtle and Carolina Jasmine.

Black eyed Susans and Verbena.

Rhododendron in full bloom!

Sedum and a new plant.

New plant and new grass.


Still loving my porch planters. They were my Grandmothers.

New cheery porch plants.

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We're headed to Charleston, SC for a little get away this weekend. What are your plans?

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