The Weekend

A picture run down of our weekend!  Let me just say, it was a busy one!!

First we went to the NC Train Show in New Bern.

Homemade margaritas!!  Best I've ever had.  I def added fresh orange juice to these too!  Yum.  Recipe here.

Supplies for homemade stuffs!

Homemade laundry detergent.  I used plain Ivory soap.  Smells amazing and makes 2 gallons!  I kept mine in a 5 gallon bucket with the lid and use my old Wisk lid for scooping it out.  It's pretty goopy so if you have a place to put detergent in your machine you might have to bypass that and just put it right on the clothes.  The water that runs over mine doesn't push it all down.  Recipe and how to here.
Homemade fabric softener.  I used a Suave herbal scent.  Makes about a gallon so save those milk jugs!  Recipe and how to here.

Tomato and Pepper seeds planted and labeled!  Need to get into the garden and plant radishes and get a few others started!

Homemade soap.  I tried a cocoa and chocolate mint herb, lavendar, rosemary and orange zest and lemon and lime zest with rosemary and honey.  Recipe and how to here.  Psst - I ordered 2 lbs of all veggie glycerin off of eBay and I made 3 1/2 bars which I then cut into 7 pieces each.  So I got 25 small bars!  I used small size tupperware for the containers and they still clean enough to save for next time!  A fun process!

What did you do??  Any fun trips or thrifty finds?

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!

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