Thirty Something Etsy Shop Open

Funky Pink Flower Print infant shoes made by me!

My Etsy Shop, Thirty Something, is now open!!  It feels so good to be making stuff again, for other people and their special occasions!  I've already completed a custom order and I've received such awesome feedback from everyone who's visited my shop or gotten something I've made.  Makes my heart swell with pride!!!

Even better, my sister in law, who's the queen of Etsy has just done a blog post about me, my new Etsy shop and what I have for sale.  So thanks Christy, she is also super talented and has her own Etsy shop, Christy's Cottage and blog!   I hope you will check out my shop and spread the word!! 

Visit Thirty Something on Etsy here! Lots more to come so check back!

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


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