It's A Cinch: T-shirt Scarf Tutorial

 This is so easy and anyone can do it.  The scarf is super versatile and since you can do any color combination pick your favorites!  No sewing, gluing required.  Ready?!

 To begin you will need:
3-5 cotton t-shirts to cut up
Something heavy

  First start with a few old t-shirts (Should be cotton or a cotton blend).  Cut straight across just below armpit level.

Next trim off the bottom seam of the t-shirt.
 Then trim t-shirt section straight across. 

Then begin trimming 1 inch strips from one side BUT do not go all the way to the other side.  STOP about 1 inch before you get to the other side.

This is what your t-shirt section will look like.

 Carefully cut that section in the middle so you now have two pieces with strands hanging down.

 Now begin pulling on the strands to stretch them out.  The t-shirt material should be cotton so it will stretch and should not fray.

Go ahead and get all your t-shirt pieces to this point.  I used five different colors for a Spring-y combination!  You can have lots of strands or just a few, depends on your preference.

Continue stretching out the colored sections.

 Half way done!  This is so easy!

Next, lay down the sections and cut them in the middle where they are connected.  You will have strands still connected on either end.  Continue to stretch.  

Cut the other ends free of each other.

Then, secure the ends that are still attached under something really heavy and began braiding a few sections.  I only did two but you could do three or four.  This pulls the whole look together and blends your color combination.

After that, take one of the t-shirt hems and cut it so it is one long strand.  Tie it around one side to secure the ends.  Hold the whole thing around your neck in front of a mirror and started moving it around to get the strands the length you want and in place.

Then, carefully lay it down on the floor.  If you don't lay it down the way you want it to look it will get all twisted and not look all that great in the end.  Trust me!  See the awesome braided pieces??

Tie another piece of fabric to secure the other ends and trim the ends so they are even.

Bring the ends together to meet each other but be sure you have it laid out the way you still want it.

Overlap the ends and start binding them together.  This is the hardest part and takes a little patience!!

I chose a contrasting color for my binding and you can see it's just the hem of one of the t-shirts.  I had to use another long scrap to secure the wrapping so keep one handy. Begin wrapping and keep the loose ends overlapped as you wrap.  Wrap as tight as you can and go down a little past where you tied the ends.

This is what it should look like when you're done wrapping!!  Make sure you don't twist the strands or like I said it will come out twisted when you wear it.

And here is the final product!!  In love!!

Detail shot.

Double wrapped.

 And again!!!

This is so easy and requires no sewing and is really basically free if you have some t-shirts laying around to use! 

Please leave a comment if you like this idea or if you have any questions!!  I am also going to add this item to my etsy shop so check it out.  Lots of color combinations possible!

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


  1. love this, linds! so pretty and spring-y! and i like the one shot with the kitty tail behind. ;)

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