Custom Craft Room Desk

Recently, Mike and I decided we were ready to empty our guest room and quick change it into a craft room as we prepare to grow our Etsy shop and to hold all of our crafty stuff! Here's the room full of clutter.

We decided to build a two person desk that stretches the whole length of the back wall which is 9 feet. We were thinking something simple and thrifty. So after seeing a great blog post on young house love about their desk we decided we would look for cabinets like they had and construct the top from wood boards. I really wanted to incorporate a filing cabinet too since I have paper piles all over the house that need to be better organized.

After searching for cheap cabinets there were none to be found...darn! Even the Habitat store was selling them for $40. Way over budget! So I drew up a simple plan for open shelves on each end and then we'd include a file cabinet in the middle. Looking for a file cabinet was just as hard. They were all $25-$40 on Craigslist. Then one day we randomly stopped in to a local thrift store and found a cool old wooden one for $15!! Score! Mike bought 2"x12' pine boards at Lowe's (where we get a veteran's discount). We had two from a previous project so we incorporated them into the two shelves. Once we got all the measurements, Mike cut. I stained the top three boards with stain we had from when we re-did our dining room table. We also had lacquer to give the top some shine. We used white paint that we already had to paint the shelves.

Mike starting to install the shelves.


Installing the desk top! So exciting!

Finished! Return of the clutter, but in a good way! And you can see the file cabinet, which still needs to be painted white. We installed cork boards which we found and shelves from boards that were siding from an old house. We also already had the brackets!

Chill spot.

So our cost was $38 for boards, nails and a few paint supplies and $15 for the file cabinet. I'd still like to get some lamps and storage baskets so I'll be looking at thrift stores and flea markets to add to our little space!!

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!

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