Being Healthy From the Inside Out

Submitted a new scholarship essay today...as I sit here and eat my pizza and donut...enjoy!

I believe that an individual can change his or her lifestyle to promote a healthy heart and holistic well being simply by believing that they have the power to make the change.  Sometimes the sayings, mind over matter, or fake it until you feel it, really are the best advice. 

First, I think an individual needs to believe that they are in control of their lifestyle every single day.  It is important to realize that to live a long and happy life is to overcome laziness and to fuel the body with good nutrients and also to work the body for what it is made for.  I have always been taught the importance of living an active lifestyle.  Now that I am older with a family of my own it comes naturally.  I do not participate in recreational sports.  I am much more into individual sports and active things I can do with my husband, son and friends.  I love walking, getting outside to play games, cruising on my bike and practicing yoga.  I think that many people feel that having an exercise routine or a grand plan for weight loss is so intimidating.  I think you really have to work toward having a healthy day to day mentality.  I always take the stairs; I always give a little extra energy when doing day to day things even if it is pushing a grocery cart.  By doing that I am pushing myself just a little more and by pushing my self to do small things it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and a bit more energy. 

The second step to changing and promoting a healthy heart lifestyle is to get active, discipline yourself and stick with it!  Exercise is great for the heart and mind and yoga has been a great all over workout for me.  I do not treat it as a sport and I do not try to do it better than anyone else.  I just do it at my own pace and to me it feels good physically and mentally.  I feel more centered.  When working on balancing poses or a complicated new pose at first I am quite shaky and my body has to work harder.  But the more I think positive and believe I find that the next couple times I try the pose I am better at it or can hold it longer or stretch more deeply.  And that is such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Making a change to a healthy diet is the third step to living a life with a healthy heart and mind for an individual. I believe that what you put in your body is what you get out.  Meaning that if you eat a healthy balanced diet your body will reflect that.  Your skin and hair will look healthy on the outside and you will have the proper fuel to keep your energy up and keep everything healthy on the inside.  I am in school for cosmetology.  As I work on clients I can tell before they tell me what medications they take or what illness they have overcome as well as their overall health based on their skin and the quality of their hair.  I also believe that if you do have to take medications that you should take them at a minimum if possible and to find out a more natural supplement.  I really believe in a more natural, less invasive way of healing and that carries through to all parts of my life especially when it comes to doing hair and caring for the body.  While products with lots of chemicals can do the trick I believe that you have to work harder to find a natural solution when possible.

I think once an individual starts making these changes in themselves that it will radiate out to their peers and to people around them.  I know that when making changes for the better it is hard to get over that edge and start working toward a goal.  But making a goal is the best way to start.  I do not believe in goals like getting skinnier to fit in some clothing item or looking like models in magazines.  I always believe that the goal should be getting healthier and the result to feel better!  Cut out the bad stuff that is dragging you down and gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle. You may believe at first that it cannot be done but once you start, and it can be a tiny goal at first, you will feel so accomplished and proud!  I know giving up soda for me in my teenage years was really difficult but now I do not even miss it.  And when you think about it, it is not nutritious; it is just a quick fix.  You have to be hard on yourself and develop a sort of discipline until it becomes second nature. 

At home we have a garden and grow some of our own food and as a family we love spending time watering the garden, inspecting new plants and collecting the vegetables that we grow.  We also get to spend time with each other that way and that is the best medicine for a healthy heart.   

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


A Sore Spot

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanuel Kant

Let's begin with that. As you may or may not know I have a huge place in my heart for animals. It's the way I was raised and the way I will raise my family.

Throughout high school to the present I have saved numerous wild and domestic animals. Sometimes returned them to their owners or to their habitat and sometimes buried them. I have no special training, I'm probably stupid for pulling off the road to try and save half the animals I have but they make a difference to me.

The sore spot I'm getting at is that yesterday, after much rain, I passed a squashed turtle on my road.  I drove past and turned around.  I picked it up and said a prayer and apologized and laid him down to rest in the grass.  It really bummed me out.  Creatures have little to no defense against our guns, our car tires or our machines that destroy their homes. 

I'd like to think of the Earth as a sanctuary that we have the gift of living in. I adore and greatly respect all creatures. I do not see humans as the top of the food chain. Animals are unbelievably loyal and beautifully strong souls too.  I believe that they are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, just like us. 

"And it's hard to be a human being
And it's harder as anything else"
Modest Mouse lyrics

I know everyone reading as a friend or as my family and I know you all think the same way.  And I thank you for doing so.  Sincerely.

I'm going to make a TURTLE X-ING sign for the front yard. This is the third or fourth time this has happened so maybe people will pay a little more attention or at least know I care.

Here are some others doing unbelievably brave and great things for animals:

Farm Santuary
 Sea Shepherd

Steve, Terri, Bindi & Robert Irwin

Heifer International

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!


This Girl I Know Won a Scholarship Yesterday!!!!!

Me, me - the girl is me!!!  I got the call yesterday with the news that my scholarship essay had been reviewed by a panel and they chose me as the winner!!!  I don't think I've ever won anything in my life and this is just freaking awesome!!  Definitely feeling blessed in my little corner of the world! 

Below is the essay I submitted.
I am working toward obtaining a diploma from Carteret Community College in Cosmetic Arts.  I began the program as a part-time student last fall.  I have a previous Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  A lot has changed since my earlier college days, I am now a mother and a wife working and going to school.  I am planning to enroll in the Fall 2012 semester as a full time student so that I can graduate and start working in a salon. 

I am very passionate about the profession that I have chosen to go back to school for and I work very hard to make each day a success.  I get discouraged at some points but I have learned to make the most of mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities.  I truly believe that I have a flair for hair and I want to make that my focus in a salon setting.  My goal in school is to learn the most that I can and apply it in a work setting.  I want to soak up everything that I learn from my teachers, our course materials and my fellow classmates.  I think working in a salon takes a lot of training and knowledge and I am in school to learn as much of that as I can.  I definitely strive for the best and always work to produce high quality results.  I also want to focus on learning the best and proper way to work safely with and around my clients since there are so many factors to consider when working with different types of chemicals and materials. 

After completing school I plan to work in a local salon for a few years building clientele until I can open my own salon.  I want to work for myself and my clients and have a salon geared toward healthy hair management and creating styles for people that make them feel and look good and that are easy to maintain.

Going back to school has definitely created a hardship for my family.  My husband, son and I live in Beaufort and have a mortgage and bills to pay.  We pay for full time child care and work very hard to live frugally out of choice and also work to keep bills and extra expenses low.  We have a garden and grow some of our own food and as a family we love spending time watering the garden, inspecting new plants and collecting the vegetables that we grow.  My husband works full time and I am between two jobs myself but we always make time for each other. 

My Vision in becoming a cosmetologist is to focus on organizing my goals as I work to get through school.  Every day is different for me as my schedule changes at school, work and home.  I try to keep everything very organized so that my day runs smoothly.  But things happen and I like to stay open so that I can take on changes and be flexible.  Staying on top of my goals and working hard to stay focused is a challenge and a reward for me.

My Value in becoming a cosmetologist is on my work ethic.  I work really hard everyday in every situation so that when I think back to the situation I know that I was sincere and genuine and stayed true to myself.  I know if I work on clients and put their safety and satisfaction first then I will be doing my job well.  Even if I’ve had a tough day or don’t feel like doing something I still work through that to get the job done. 

My Victory in becoming a cosmetologist is all the small successes I have each day.  If I can try something new and learn something from it I think that is a huge victory.  I love challenging myself and will always work to push my creative levels in whatever I do.  I think listening to myself and my heart and following what it tells me leads me to overcome almost anything.  Each small step leads to the overall goal and as I overcome new things I feel a sense of accomplishment and victory.  I think this is true in school, work and home.

I am hoping to minimize the expense of school so that when I get out I won’t have huge bills to pay off and the stress of debt as I get started in my new career.  I am so proud of myself for going back to school, as this has been a goal of mine since high school.  It has been hard but well worth it!  Thank you for your time and consideration.

 How cool is that?! 


Today is also Mason's 3rd birthday.  Shew!  I blew up about 20 balloons last night and left them all over the living room floor.  This morning he ran out and screamed Santa Claus was here!  He brought balloons!  Cute or what?! 

This morning when we went by the store to get cupcakes for his party at school I went to a self check out and there was a dollar and a bunch of change sitting on the register...WIN!  There is something out there making my life amazing.  We bought a bunch of toys from the quarter machine on our way out.  Last night I was talking to Mason, telling him he was my angel and he got an angel necklace out of the machine this morning.  It really touched my heart. 

I also got an email last night asking if I would like to be a part of a craft competition for a bunch of bloggers from his-and-hers.blogspot.com.  This blog gets like 10,000 hits a day!! My Etsy shop would be featured and all I have to do is donate one of my upcycled scarf as a prize to be given to one of the winners. 

Wow-wee!  Just thought I'd share all the good news. 

Hope you have a good weekend!  Keep a look out for birthday pictures coming soon!!

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


Making Memories

Had some fun taking the first couple pictures with a light saber in the dark.  Pretty cool effect!!


 M for Mike, Mason + Mommy


 This is fun!

Look at him go!!

The smile of a very happy little boy!

 Fishing with Granddaddy

Getting dunked!

 Fun on the dock


This summer has been loads of fun.  Lots of time swimming and enjoying the sunny days.  Also looking for a little relief by the pool and jumping off the dock.  Hope your summer has been full of laughs, love and good times.  Little dude has a birthday right around the corner!  A snake theme this year - should be good!  Stay tuned for pics!

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


A Bit of Graditude

It's my birthday on Saturday and I'm feeling super grateful for my life and how everything in my life has just kinda always worked out. Now I feel like I'm learning to trust in that feeling more and not get stressed when things don't go my way or the way I've planned them to go. Its hard for me since I'm a bit of a control freak but either way things will work out and usually for the better.

This time last year I was still working full time and preparing to go back to school for Cosmetology. Never did I realize how completely things would change for me but I couldn't be happier with my choices.

And that feels real good.

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!


Busy, Busy, Busy

Always busy these days, just the way I like it...although this is honestly the busiest I think I've EVER been!  It feels good to really use the other 98% of that big brain!  Learning a lot in school and having a fun summer!

If you like reggae check out Rebelution.  They're perfect for summertime, porch nights and unwinding.  This is one of my favorite songs right now...

Courage to Grow - Rebelution

 This is a song for those
who lost their hope
a long a long time ago
I know someday that you will find it somehow
Because you're not too old
to accomplish goals
and all the answers are within your soul
its up to you, you gotta figure it out
Uh huh

Whether you want love or money
Good fortune or fame
You want a brand new card
You want the world to change
You better take some action right now, oh yes
Because there's nothing in the world that you can't get
So don't fill your life with confusion and regret
You better take some chances right now

Well you can gain the world
but for the price of your soul
yes I know, well I know, yes I know
you can gain the world for the price of your soul
but I hope you take the road less traveled
and I hope you find the courage to grow
well I hope you find the courage to grow

So now you're 45
and you realize
just what you wanna do with your life
just took some time for you to figure it out
Cause everyone one of us
Has a purpose here
Sometimes its hidden underneath your fear
Just takes some time for the truth to come out

So whether you want love or money
Good fortune or fame
You want a brand new card
You want the world to change
You better take some action right now, oh yes
Because there's nothing in the world that you can't get
So don't fill your life with confusion and regret
You better take some chances right now

Well you can gain the world
but for the price of your soul
yes I know, well I know, yes I know
you can gain the world for the price of your soul
but I hope you take the road less traveled
and I hope you find the courage to grow
well I hope you find the courage to grow

 As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


Sweet Summertime

Took a little walk today with Mas. We went down to the water and just after sunset I snapped these pics. The front yard is in full bloom!! Everything we planted this spring has done great! We finally found plants that are happy in the mostly shady area in the front yard! Yay! Love it when it all comes together!

Has been a busy week of school for me. Really getting into the swing of things. I so enjoy the weekends when I have this time off to spend with family and friends. Did you get to do any yard work or major relaxing??

Ahhhh, summertime is right around he corner and it's gonna be a great!

Some blooms by the water!

New mods!

Alligator food!



Day lily

Front porch

Front yard

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!


Saaaay Cheeseburgers!!!

 Mason, Finn & Allan

 Mason, Allan, Gina & Finn


 Silly Time


Big Stomper!

Oh Finn...

Gina & Mason

Look at Mommy!

Another Gina & Mason


Classic Little "Old" Men Shot

As you know I love, love taking pictures...or as you many know.  I'm not photographer but it's fun.  Especially when you have these guys around!!  I'm not sure they even knew what was going on but I tried to get some fun shots.  My daycare lady, Gina (who's amazing!) had professional photographers take pictures when Mason was around 1 year.  I still have the picture on my fridge and now that he's about to turn 3, I really wanted another updated photo with his daycare buds since they are such a huge part of our life and have been since he was 8 weeks.  These are a few of my favorites, I am going to put them on a disc so the other parents can make copies too.  Despite the heavy downpour and overcast morning weather I think the pictures turned out great...these guys make it easy!

As always thanks for checking me out. Cheers!


Fresh Air

Getting outside does a body, mind and soul good. Lucky for me I have a beautiful garden right outside my work! These are a few of the plants that are in bloom now. All of the plants are native to the coastal area and would have been planted in gardens around the 1800's. I'm certainly enjoying them today!

Hope you have great plans for the weekend. It's Mother's Day on Sunday and I expect to be spoiled with lots of good quality time with my husband and son.

On another note it's the Beaufort Music Fest this weekend!


- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!


How Does Your Garden Grow

It feels so good to have the flower beds weeded, new plants in and mulch down. I love having the yard done and ready for summer. Mulch is such a lifesaver and will really help keep the weeds down this year. We haven't refreshed it in 3 years! Heh heh... We laid newspaper down before putting the mulch down to act as another barrier against the weeds! Like I said can't wait to enjoy the warm weather now that this little project is complete!  A huge thank you to Mike for his hand in making all this happen!  You're the best!

Homey Home Home!

Refreshed our front porch furniture. Added some yellow decor to offset the blue door!


Love this red Japanese Maple!

My fav Rose bush.

Hydrangeas, Crepe Myrtle and Carolina Jasmine.

Black eyed Susans and Verbena.

Rhododendron in full bloom!

Sedum and a new plant.

New plant and new grass.


Still loving my porch planters. They were my Grandmothers.

New cheery porch plants.

Don't forget to check out Christy's blog for a free giveaway from my Etsy shop! Your chance to enter ends Friday.

We're headed to Charleston, SC for a little get away this weekend. What are your plans?

- Cheers and thanks for checking me out!
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