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I am totally obsessed with Pinterest these days.  Getting good crafting ideas and great decorating ideas.  Good stuff all around.  If you are already on Pinterest find me and follow me, if not join so we can pin together!  You create your own boards or categories and then pin or repin pictures that you like that pertain to each board.  I have boards for Mason, Fashion, Food...all kinds of cool stuff and you can also pin pictures you find on the internet.  If you have a certain room you'd like to redecorate, need some fresh fashion ideas or a party to plan you can get exciting ideas to help pull it all together.   

As they say on Pinterest, happy pinning and thanks for reading!

Have a lovely day.

For more fun pictures and tid bits visit me at facebook.com/lindsey.reynolds.bridges and at flickr.com/photos/lindseyreynoldsbridges

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