Taste the Rainbow

While I love color, color and more COLOR all around me the Bridges home just got a bit more of a subdued, sophisticated color makeover.  And one that we could live with for a while.  My aunt from Judy Cook Interiors was at it again helping us with paint colors and giving me a much needed push to just do it when I kept asking are you sure about this color???  All in all I think the new scheme is great and has a really fresh, home-y feel and it isn't too blah which was a major scary factor for me!  So here are a few before and afters for you to enjoy! 


 Living Room

Dining Room/Kitchen

Guest Room


  1. One of my bedrooms is that 'before' color yellow...when people see it, they always seem to ask if I've made a mistake lol.

    When I first moved in with Chuckles, he was very possessive of this house, and didn't like it if I made changes. Now, he lets me do whatever because he knows I'm stayin' ;)

  2. I always thought of it as my macaroni and cheese room which seems ver comforting!!

  3. love it the befores and afters. I like that you hung the whale up. What is the artwork underneath of it ? Do you do those ?

  4. Thanks Christy!! Yep, I did those paintings after we painted the walls. Just kinda for fun and I like the color they add!


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