I've got his heart in my hand

Holding on to Mike's ring. They've taken him back. Waiting in the waiting room. Feel half asleep and in a daze. A planned surgery but a surgery no less. Makes me nervous but I know he'll come out all fixed up. Going to read my book and watch the TODAY show and probably eavesdrop a lot on other people's conversations. At least it's an outpatient surgical office so everyone's mood is light. Mike requested Chic Fil A for lunch afterward. I wonder how he'll feel when he gets done...I'm looking forward to a slow recovery weekend. Wow seems as though everyone here in my little waiting room family knows each other. Just saw a kid's table and books in the corner, could've brought Mas but I know he's having more fun with his buds. Coldplay is on TV, they are just the happiest people on Earth aren't they?! A little gross to me this early in the morning although I do like their older stuff. Okay well I'm rambling. Gonna read my book now and watch the clock...

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  1. Dude, you've got me all choked up.

    The 4 hours I spent waiting for Chuck to come out of his lung-removal surgery was the longest 4 hours of my life.

    Doesn't matter what the surgery is, it's such a freaky time when you love somebody.

  2. I totally agree and I hope everyhing went well. It is def a relief once you get to see them again especially once they take all the IV's out. We gotta take care of each other!


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