Thoroughly exhausted. A long day playing on the beach and in the Ocean. The sun and sand are blazing on my skin. Sliding the heavy glass door open to go inside the freezing beach house. Wet bathing suit and sand still between my toes. A pinch of Carolina fudge cake, homemade, just melts in my mouth. Pour a big red cup full of fresh fizzing Coke. The bubbles pop and hit my nose as the first gulp takes my breath away. Hands are pruney and salty from the sea water. Reach into the big bag of nacho cheese Doritos. The first one covered in cheese crunches loudly. Crumbs go flying. Another and another and another. These things are definitely crack. Half the bag is gone and fingers are saturated with flavor. Perfectly satisfied.

One of my favorites.

PS- sorry for the not so hot picture.

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