Feeling quite overwhelmed today. Trying to balance homework, fun time, relaxing, bill planning, laundry, all the usual. I've been really frustrated feeling all weekend. Weird, I am so excited about school but worrying about getting everything done. I think I need to cut myself some slack. Do you ever get worked up like this too?

Yoga always helps me get back to my core. I did sun salutation this morning and practiced my head stand against the wall but I still felt so rushed, so pressed. Sigh... Just a lot going on. Need to quiet the mind and reflect on all that is good and all that I am getting done and realize that my life is changing and to just go with it for now.

We've been home this morning, cleaning up, getting ready for the new week and just seeing all the things that lie ahead of me in life and all the things I've neglected (piles of papers, weeding the flower beds, projects undone). That's what bothers me. I'm happy coloring whales with Mason, so I wonder how do you get it all done? How do you have free time if you're always preparing for the next thing. I'm driving myself crazy! Well having a sense of humor about things is helpful, it's definitely helping me at this moment. Maybe to get things done you have to shed the worries and do each task. That way you feel lighter and more balanced.


P.S.-I'm so ready for fall. I know I'll miss summer but lordy I am over this heat. Ready for some perfect 70 degree days!

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