The Child's Mind

I was listening to Alicia Keys - No One but You on the radio while I was driving (of course) and saw a lady and an older lady walking by the side of the road. The older lady was holding on to the younger lady and it was so sweet and then I thought about how holding hands is so sweet, especially when you see a couple strolling along just enjoying their time together. Then I thought how yoga practice teaches you that your hands are an extension of your heart so when you clasp your hands together you always leave them open just a bit to house your heart, it is a different position than when you pray and press your hands together. When you do yoga poses you are deeply rooted by your feet or hands and when your hands are to the ground in a pose they are rooting you to the earth so that your heart is connected to the earth and creates balance and strength. Thinking of all of this made me think of how as adults or how I as an adult am trying to undo things to get back to my Child's Mind. (Follow the link for a really cool, inspirational tid bit!!) I see Mason and how uncomplicated his world is. He gets sooo excited coloring with markers that he stops every 30 seconds to do a happy dance as he's drawing. He runs around cement columns under the parking garages and is just thrilled. It must be so exhilerating to be a child and not know how to act, how to make it, how to work hard, how to live under someone else's expectations. I do believe that discipline is key - it sets boundaries - you practice yoga or whatever your life's calling is day in and day out and you begin to understand yourself more and more.

And you also find your heart.

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  1. wow thats great..
    i love the parts about hands to the ground and maseys happy dance made my day...


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