I really should be sleeping...

Alas, it is 1:37 am and I have made no effort to go to bed.  I've been poking around on the computer.  Poking this cat at my feet and searching the Internet for hours.  I just don't feel like sleeping right now!!!  Too much going on.

First there's the set up for the Antiques Show tomorrow.  Then THE Antiques Show and once that's over we have family coming into town...YIPEE!  Then friends visiting...my birthday...the big 3-0h.  Wow!  Then Mason turns 2!!!  Can't believe it.  Lots more amazing stuff to come this year I can just feel it...hee hee!  ;)  I'm feeling pretty goofy at the moment.
I hope you weren't holding out on those new paint color pictures from one of my last posts...still haven't taken any pics...I aim to do that once I get everything up on the walls.  Hopefully by mid July with the help of my aunt!

The garden is doing great.  We had about 50 2" russet potatoes.  We are new to potatoes so next year I will start them earlier, deeper and water them more.  The lettuce (mixed greens) grew beautifully until May then it got hot and bitter.  But it still looked good.  The corn is minature right now and the rabbits have only gotten 2 stalks so far.  Good thing our kitties think the garden is there litter box palace...I think their "help" is keep the rabbits at bay!  The dill was doing well but I moved the plants back a row to be out of the sun and they pretty much hated life and all died...oh well.  The cucumbers are going crazy, loving that!  Anyone need any?!?!  Tomatoes are growing slowly.  Two plants from seed are producing.  Pepper plants are flowering...nothing yet.  Basil, Cilantro and Sunflowers are all going strong.  Lots of water these days.  Love going to check it in the mornings and love sharing my lovely veggies with friends!  That's the best!

Not much else going on in the yard.  I think my oldest and largest rose bush has caught a disease and is dying...hardly any growth...but maybe due to so much sun and not much water??  Butterfly bushes are blooming.  Hydrangeas are blooming and very puffy!

Hope you are doing well and hope I get back here sooner next time!


  1. Your rosebush is probably just suffering from lack of rain. I live about 5 minutes out of Swansboro, and my yard is SUFFERING. My magnolia in particular...it has barely any leaves left on it, and it's a 10 year old tree. My grass is all brown and crunchy. It's making the sound ones feet make walking across a thin layer of snow.

    And it's not stress or anticipation that is making you unable to sleep, it's 'cause you'll be 30 soon. That's what happens. I should know, I turned 30 three weeks ago ;)

  2. OMG, i know it's cuz i'm turning 30 for sure...I'm totally having a mid life crisis right now...def a time of renewal going on...thanks for commenting! i know what you mean about no rain and crunchy grass. getting a little shower now!


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