Holy Roses

So, it's been almost a month, I was busy, with work, living, everything!  Had lots of good times with grandparents and family and now things are kinda back to normal except that everything is blooming beautifully around the yard.  Thought I'd share some of my fav pics from April, couldn't let those cute ones of Mason go unseen.  I had a wonderful Mother's Day and am very lucky to have so many special people in my life. 

My To Do checklist from earlier in the month got a tad shorter:
I planted three window baskets and two hanging baskets
Made two burlap pillows for the front porch
Weeded the mulched flower beds, that need to be re weeded now b/c I didn't get mulch!
Mike and I painted the guest room
We painted the hallway and living room and dining room and kitchen and I will post so sweet before and after pics soon!!  (Aren't those the best?!)

Anyway got lots more to share! 

Egg Hunting Frenzy!!

Huge roses!!

Lavendar in bloom!
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