RVA Here We Come!

Headed to Richmond, VA today to visit Annie (CopperTide - check out her blog here)!  Can't wait to get on the road.  I loooove getting the car all packed and ready to go...weeeell that might be stretching it.  I looooove being on the road and driving along (Mike driving along) and thinking of all the great hang out time and getting some different scenery.  It always brings such great inspiration to get out of town.  I encourage everyone to do so even if it's just a Sunday drive around the block!  Ha!  But going further away has its perks.  Shopping, site seeing, exploring and good times with friends.  Hope to share some pics when we get back.  More on my painting project(s) next week!

Just a little Earth Day shout out.  April 22nd will be here before you know it! 

Oh, and for local readers there's a clean up the town day April 16th, meet at Realty World right before the drawbridge in Beaufort at 8 am.  I keep hearing radio commercials about a Wilmington clean up the town and everytime I do I think Wow, we should do that here!  Lo and behold this morning as I was taking Mason to daycare I saw a sign with the info!  Neat.  I want a clean town!  Don't you?!

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