Hello Yellow...

Well actually it is Goodbye Yellow (Valspar's Golden Moon 3004-3B to be exact)...Hello primer in our guest bedroom.  I totally teased you with a post awhile ago about my yellow guest room.  It is getting a little paint makeover!  Can you believe it?!  I am repainting most of the rooms in the house and this was the first one we decided to do.  I took two coats of Valspar primer and Mike has been busy patching holes and covering un-necessary sockets.  (We had about four telephone sockets in the room, a little much, especially since we don't have a home phone so now we're down to one in this room thanks to his handy work!) 

The new color we've picked is Benjamin Moore's Glass Slipper 1632:
 It's going up tonight and I can't wait to post after pics for you to see!!

Here are a couple blue/yellow color combo rooms that have a great overall feel.

Check back for room updates!!!

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