what a ride!

Soooo, let me just tell you in pictures what my weekend was like.  It was funky, it was long and I'm glad it's over.  OH yes, so glad. 

I spent a lot of time in one of these.  Although this bathroom is much nicer and looks so inviting!

I felt like I had been on one of these....for days...and days.  Whew!

Wow, sleep deprivation and lack of food made me feel like I was in this.  And still do!
(Alice in Wonderland won an Oscar for best costume design!!!) 

And now I would really love to fall into one of these.  I love the muted walls with the washed out accents in this room. 

So there you have it!  My weekend made much more beautiful with pictures. 

NOTE:  I had a terrible stomach virus (so did my husband, son and our houseguest!!  Aw!)


  1. If stomach viruses looked like those pictures - I would gladly take one any day...

  2. so sorry you were sick! hope you are all feeling much better! i like the story in pictures though.
    thanks for checking out my blog - i have been following (had the settings wrong, but fixed that now). you've been busy!


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