I Think You're Gonna Like This

So Spring has sprung and this weekend we did all things Spring-y!  We made a beach trip, dug in the dirt, planted, potted, cut grass, sneezed, took lots of Claritin redi tabs, grilled and spring cleaned!  Here are some pics from our adventures in the yard.

New sign and new plant.  Old McCoy pot.

New sedum rock garden.  I highly recommend making one if you have limited space.  I'm a fan of any plant that is hard to kill and is pretty drought tolerant!  For this I used a low open terra cotta pot with a drain hole.  I filled the bottom with rocks and then layered in potting soil with a little peat moss and vermiculite.  Then I added the Agave plant on one side and dug up some sedums from around the yard.  I tried to plant plants with similar shapes together.  I have a hen and chick plant and two other types in there that you can't see since they are so small.  I then put rocks all around the top to keep the soil from drying out too quickly or blowing away!  These guys like full sun so my back deck was the best spot.  Can't wait for them to grow!

Grouping of plants that I potted with other garden additions.

I know, some sticks?!  Yep, we built a little trellis type thing for the morning glories out of old branches!

Front door with the new old planters.  I planted some Irish Moss in these.  It requires Shade!  Perfect, as my front porch gets no sun what so ever!  You can't really see it but the moss is just a small circle in the middle of these, hope it fills in quickly.  The plant produces small white flowers.  It's the best bright green color and quite spongy, great to mush with your fingers.  I love the contrast of colors in this picture.

Axl after a hard days work.

First signs of Salad Mix in the garden!

Mason loves his "tractors"!  And yes, there's a story behind his tiny pants...


  1. Love it all! So love the new color on the front door!! and the wreath!

  2. love it all! i have a couple turtle planters that need plants - this is some good inspiration! and i want to hear the tiny pants story...


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