Happy Friday

Morning!  Thought I would share a bit of my outside space today.  Here are a few of my favorite elements.  We have a small deck that Mike built with my dad a couple of years ago and then we laid large pavers down below.  We enjoy grilling out and relaxing during the warmer months.  So I braved the cold 40 degree weather this morning and took some pics!

Recycled wood Herb Planter on Back Patio by Trista of THR Pottery

Detail of Planter

In the first section I have Chocolate Mint, second section has Chives and Lemongrass, the third has Oregano, and the fourth has a Mum and a Green Onion experiment for now but I usually plant Sweet Basil in there.  I like keeping the herbs close to the house so that while we're cooking the kitchen we can just run out and get some!  Another one of my favorites is Rosemary and Sage which I have in other parts of the yard. 

Patio seating and seashells.  Blue table by Mike at Hold Fast!

Spanish Lavendar - check this site out for more info on one of my favorite plants!!!
Very aromatic!!

This weekend we are going to check out the Home and Garden Show in town!  Did I mention that I scored four metal hanging flower baskets from a trash pile last weekend!!  Now I'll have to figure out what to plant in there that will survive our hot, dry summers.

Love the variety of colors and textures in this one, so cheery!

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