Blogging about blogging

I am not really going to blog about blogging but I am so enjoying be able to connect with people and share pictures and the goings on our of lives.  Lots of what I talk about is just ordinary stuff and especially about projects around the house.  The NEVER ENDING list of projects of things to fix, things that need sprucing up, things that don't exist that I've seen somewhere and want to create.  Lots of projects are always swirling around in that little brain of mine.  Just ask Mike.  He has quite a range of interests too but mostly with exploring and getting away from the house!!!  Ha ha!

So on my current list is:

Repainting (of course) but I'm taking it one day at a time and looking at the paint samples up on the wall before I actually paint.  There will be lots of priming involved since most of our colors now are intense.
Reorganizing the two large bookshelves in the Living Room
Cleaning my car
Making those burlap pillows
Creating my flower hanging baskets (when it starts to stay a little warmer)
Planting a new row of bushes/plants in front of our porch where we dug up three azaleas and some small holly bushes
Having lots of string toy parades with Mike and Mason around and around the kitchen
Jury Duty
Trip to Richmond to visit Annie (flea market and zoo - oh my!)

What's on your to-do list???  Maybe some spring cleaning or a new outside project?

Check out my Sis-in-law's latest blog entry at MCH Photography all about her latest to-do project!!


  1. hey! i got a shout-out on your blog! i can't wait for you guys to get here! we'll have a fine time! i always get inspired when we spend time together - hopefully the same is true for you. yay new projects!

  2. You're too cute! You remind me of me...only your list will likely get done before mine : )


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