Ah ha...

Welllll, I haven't had an Ah ha moment with my paint samples yet but I know it's coming!

Let's back track...two weeks ago we were invited over to eat dinner and hang out with some friends and their baby.  (Hi Brooke!)  She showed me her nook and I really got into the House Beautiful magazine that she subscribes to.  Geez.  It was the American Design issue.  Lots of white and lots of all-american goodness.  I was hooked and I did have a moment or realization.  While I love the dramatic color scheme in my house, I really LOVE seeing rooms done in neutral and earthy colors with bold/bright accessories.  So at that moment or a few moments after Mike and I decided that we were ready to update our look. 

Notice I didn't say we were ready to "re-paint".  Lots of work involved there but I vow that since I got us in to this predicament that I will learn to paint better and work hard!

I wish I could post a pic of what our color scheme is now and what I'm going for but how about a bunch of before and afters when we start painting?? 

I was also going to mention that I am loving keeping up with all about this couples DIY techniques and ideas at http://www.younghouselove.com/ .  Sheesh, they are really hard workers and sure know how to put a room together on a budget which is a great inspiration!  This is my favorite post right now and is really helping me pull together the new color scheme. 

Any Ah ha moments for you lately???  I love searching around the house for nick nacks or a piece of furniture that you already have but may not be using that might just go perfectly in another room and trying it only to find out that it works great in the space.  I also love creating elements of surprise in each room and using things like an old fruit crate to hold my cookbooks or to store toys. 

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  1. Can't wait to see the process! Hope you guys are doing well. Miss you! Love, me.


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