Sprigs of Spring

My favorite thing to do on the weekend when I have some time is search through all the flower beds to see what's doing what.  So far, I have seen tulips sprouting, my rose bushes are covered in buds!! (am I supposed to cut those back), daylilies are coming up, my mum transplants from the fall have taken root and made it through with new growth, daffodils are coming up but my never bloom (i think they are old), and my sedums are coming back in full force.  My hydrangea bushes look full of buds and my chinese maple is a little taller standing at about two feet now, wish it would hurry up and grow -  it's such a squirt!  Thinking of getting some of those tree spike fertilizers for our trees.  My forsythia is also budding.

Had to dig up two azalea bushes that the sooty mold got ahold of last weekend!  Need to do some minor landscaping along our front porch.  Hopefully I can pick out some plants that are shade loving for that area...the front of the house is north facing...any ideas?  I was thinking some kind of nandina, i really like the red and green leaves against our grey house.  Also moved a loropetalum bush to the fence in the side yard...not doing so well in front of the house.

Anyway - one of the volunteers from work brought me a sprig of Daphne from one of her bushes.  It is just starting to bloom and smells wonderful!  She is going to try to help me root a piece this spring! 

Have had lots of squirrels and morning doves in the yard along with starlings and sparrows maybe rooting for bugs.  Haven't seen many blue birds yet and no robins.  A couple of red headed woodpeckers came when we had snow.  I hope we will have some takers on our birdhouses this year!

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