Sitting down this morning to soak in some garden knowledge!  I am figuring out what I want to plant and how to prune what I've already got.  I think I've decided that I'll start some seeds in the garage like I did two years ago so that I can plant them in the garden in late March.  This weekend, though, I will plant these directly in the garden:


I probably should have started earlier as someone has already told me that he has been enjoying his spinach and brocoli!  Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

The other veggies I want to plant this year are:

Tomatoes (I have only ever tried the small cherry tomatoes which I didn't like.  I want to try some larger varieties this year.  I also just found out that you should put a collar on the bottom of the plants to keep pests from climbing up which I have had trouble with in the past.  I will use a small plastic dixie cup upside down with a hole to keep those pests at bay!)
Peppers - Green, Red and Yellow
Zuccini (yum, grilled zuccini!)

I also love getting those wildflower seed packets and sprinkling a few in the garden and around the house.  Will definitely have to re-mulch our flower beds this year.  So off to the hardware store to see what I can find!  Also picking up some peat moss, vermiculite and manganese to add to the soil. 

This morning I am also remerchandising some stuff in our gift shop at work.  Another thing I love doing!!

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