Fresh Start

Wow!  Hi!  My name is Lindsey.  I live in Beaufort, NC and I am really excited about this new idea.  It came from a random gardening newsletter that I get through E-mail about community gardening.  The thought is to get together and rent out plots (we are lucky to have some flat space, not a ton) to other gardeners so that they can all share in what is grown.  In my case I'm pretty new to gardening.  Like, I know a little bit above nothing!  I have had a garden for the past two years and have struggled through two hot, hot summers with not much more than a handful of zuccinis and squash (which I pureed for my baby boy!!!) a few peas before the aphids attacked and some tiny watermelons.  Anway here's the idea!

I am new to gardening and would like to learn more from people in the community.  I am interested in meeting other gardeners in the area to share a bit of our property (off highway 101) - on a very small scale!  The idea is to create a community garden so that people could grow their own vegetables and flowers and share their passion for gardening with others.

We could create a few plots and raised beds that can be 'rented' or tended to for the growing season within our 1-acre property. There have been no problems with deer in the area.  It would also be cool to have honey bees eventually. Water could be collected from an on site well or from rain barrels that can be installed for watering individual plots.  I am also interested in starting a compost area. 

A cute idea is a plot of ground for a children's pizza garden with basil, thyme, tomatoes, garlic, etc. to be planted and tended by children.

So the idea would be for you “pay” through donations, seedlings or plants, time and knowledge to help share the cost, and risk, of growing the food. That way you share in the bounty from all of the growers.  This is a way to obtain locally grown food and get to know who grew it.

This is by no means meant to be a large scale operation, just a few locals getting together to dig and make things grow! 

I would love any comments or input or anything!  I am going to try to take time to update this blog each day with a thought, my progress, pictures, something.  I don't like to ramble on but I do like to share.  Come back and see what I've done!


  1. Wow, Lindsey! That is an awesome idea! Sounds like it would be very fun, and very positive idea to give to the community. Only wish I could help you guys out, really sounds fun, and interesting!
    I wish you the best of luck.

    p.s the kids pizza garden is an awesome idea too, makes me hungry for Chichos! :)

  2. hey linds! what a great idea! wish i was there to participate. can't wait to see the garden and veggies! i'm impressed!

    <3 annie


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