Bald Eagles


Really!  This is such a cool link, if you go now, like RIGHT now you can see the adult male/female with the two chicks.  They are being fed, looks like fish.  I try to visit the site once a day to see what they are up to.  The chicks have grown a lot and are starting to loose that puffy grey stuff and get more feathers and they are darker now. 

Also on the garden news, one of my friends suggested we tag team garden, we both have 18 month old boys, so while one gardens one can entertain the boys!  Such a good idea!  We are also going to work on keeping up an herb garden in downtown Beaufort with a super master gardener so I'm hoping to learn a lot this year!! 

Some yummy tomatoes from Summer 2009


  1. Awesome idea, im ready to start breaking ground!!

  2. yeah. smart idea. so cool you're blogging, i'm following you on bloglovin'! love, lina.


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